Treatment for Marine Holding Tanks

Noflex Digestor is a powerful but safe treatment for your boat's holding tanks that will make you (and your crew) wish you discovered it years ago.

It eliminates those unwanted sewage smells and cleans out the sludge in your holding tank, pipes and sensors - fast and cost-effectively.

treatment for boat sewage smells

How to tell if marine holding tanks need treatment

You need Noflex Digestor if:

  • Your boat is smelly with a sewage odour
  • You are using a manual pump or a macerator
  • You have smells from your toilet (heads) or vents
  • The pump out from a full tank is less than the tank capacity
  • You can see the waste level in the tank after pump out.
  • A sensor is not working properly

Key features of the Noflex Digestor holding tank treatment:

  • It doesn't mask smells, it neutralises them
  • It activates the 'good' bacteria that eat the 'bad' bacteria
  • Sludge and solids are liquefied and pumped out cleanly
  • No nasty chemicals - the key by-product is sodium carbonate (baking soda)
  • It's simple to use and costs about $3.40 a week to keep your heads smell-free
  • It's the fastest, most cost effective way to eliminate odours and clean out the sludge that blocks your holding tank, pipes and sensors     

How to use Noflex Digestor in marine holding tanks

Initial dosage:

The first time you use the product in a tank that has already been in use, you will need to use more at first to clean all hoses and tanks in order to cure the problem.

This may need  more treatments at a higher dosage rate to start.

  • Start with the tank less than ½ full
  • For every 40tr of tank capacity add 30grams/2 tablespoons to each toilet
  • Treat the toilet so the Noflex can reach all the muck in pipes and joints.
  • Add 1/2 tablespoon/10 grams  per person into the  every 2-3 days.
  • Flush about 3-5 litres of down each toilet to get it through the pipes and into the tank
  • After pump out flush one tablespoon into the empty tank, flish a couple of time to make sure it reaches the tank.
  • This product is an environmentally friendly surfactant; in waste systems it poses no environmental impact on discharge.
  • When pump out is needed it will enhance the performance of septic fields or other waste treatment systems it is emptied into.
  • The main reaction by-product is sodium carbonate (washing soda)
  • See our Material Data Safety Sheet for full details
  • If you have a vacuum flush make sure no grains are left on the seal, so either wipe them off or make sure they are well flushed.
  • In a severely sludged system; use the same as above but two times a day, product works better on a routine basis rather than using large doses
  • Suggested dosages – These don’t have to be exact.
  • Shut down If for more than a week, one tablespoon per 20 liters of effluent.
  • Preventative maintenance every 2 days flush a tablespoon per 2 people into the Toilet.  Alternate if more than one toilet
  • Noflex is effective in grey water. Add a tablespoon in sink or drain and leave over night. Hairs etc may be pushed up so remove them and flush drain with warm water. Use      weekly until tank is clean.
  • Don’t use any other additives if you are going to use Noflex You won’t have to anyway.


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