Treatment for Marine Sanitation Devices - Large

NOFLEX DIGESTOR is a powerful, specially developed treatment for the effective maintenance of marine sewage systems on cruise ships and large passenger carrying ferries. In black and gray water systems onboard these vessels, cleaning chemicals and overloading can result in the Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) being unable to effectively handle the original design capability of the system. The normal bacterial digestion of the shipboard waste is compromised and a build-up of anaerobic sludge in the piping system and marine sanitation device is the result. If left unchecked, this process will continue until the MSD is plugged with sludge. It can also result in unpleasant odours reaching the passenger spaces.

NOFLEX DIGESTOR neutralises the chemicals that destroy the aerobic bacteria required for the effective and efficient operation of the MSD. NOFLEX DIGESTOR also dissolves the built-up sludge in the piping systems and the MSD. This process results in the liquefication of the sludge and the release of oxygen into the sewage plant. The health and growth of the aerobic bacteria is stimulated resulting in a clean, healthy and odourless sewage system.

NOFLEX DIGESTOR should be used regularly to treat all branches of the sanitation system. This will result in clean piping and clean sewage tanks. Depending on the size, complexity and type of the sewage system, maintenance should be carried out on a systematic basis similar to the maintenance of engine jacket water-cooling and boiler water systems.

Regular sampling of the effluent discharge will assist in determining whether insufficient or too much NOFLEX DIGESTOR is being used. Key measurements to be monitored are Total Oil and Grease (TOG), Mineral Oil and Grease (MOG), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Fecal Coliform Count (FCC). A regular schedule of treatment with NOFLEX DIGESTOR will result in significant reductions in all of the preceding measurements. Your NOFLEX DIGESTOR Technical Representative will be pleased to assist you in the setting up of an effective monitoring system. Measurements should be carried out to the latest edition of “Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater” published by the American Public Health Association.

Precautions: NOFLEX DIGESTOR is designed to be a powerful tool in the effective maintenance of shipboard sewage systems. For the health and safety of your staff please read and understand our Material Safety Data Sheet before using our product and ensure the appropriate personal safety equipment is worn.