Treatment for Marine Sanitation Devices - Small

This system consists of either no treatment other than chlorine disinfection or several stages before the disinfection stage, that either aerate or circulate the waste to promote bacterial digestion of the waste before disinfection and discharge over the side.

Noflex can only be used to clean these types of smaller systems.

It cannot be used as a ongoing treatment during the functioning of these small units.
Refer to 'Marine Sanitation Devices - Large' if you have this type but larger.

DANGER: Chlorine Tablets or liquid will react with Noflex releasing Chlorine Gas

These systems rely on maximum area usage of their tanks to promote bacterial reduction of waste. If the area inside the tanks is reduced because of build up of sludge functionality of the unit is dysfunctional and it has to be cleaned.

First Stage tank (Media Tank) is an air injection into the bottom of tank causing the circulation of liquids (or mechanical pump) in an upward motion over media that with the added air it accelerates the digestion of the waste.

Second Stage (Wet well) Where the treated waste from first stage over flows to a low turbulence holding tank where the solids are normally returned to primary stage or drained off as sludge.
The clear effluent from this stage discharges to the stage three.

Third Stage (disinfection stage) Waste water flows over into this tank where chemical treatment is introduced. After a predetermined dwell time for disinfection the product is discharged.


Noflex will react with any chemical disinfectants that are used in these type of systems so they must be removed from the area before cleaning (de-sludging) can begin.


Open inspection hatches if possible or use inlet valve openings to add the Noflex.
If possible remove any sludge manually and dispose of it.

In each of the tanks sprinkle 30 grams for every 1 kg of waste you think may be in that tank.
Pour one inch water over top of the waste in all tanks and let sit for 12 hours.
If needed pump out and repeat.

After, clean rinse with water and reseal hatches or intake outlets you removed to clean system.

Place system back into service.